Changing Accountants and the perceived difficulties around that process has always been the one thing that prevents anybody from making the move. We are pleased to say that it is far simpler than you would ever imagine.
Before we get to that let’s also issue a balanced piece of advice which is that you should ensure that you are making the change for the right reasons before you take the leap. Some may choose to make a change based purely on cost, some may cite service levels as their reason and others may deem personality clashes or it just not being 'the right fit' as their reasons. Whatever you motivation, ensure that the move is a good one for your business. Once you have come to the decision that your business will no doubt benefit let your newly appointed accountant do the rest of the work for you.

Here at The Crew we are pleased to report that the many clients who have transferred over to us have done so with minimal interruption to their business.
The process is a pretty straight forward one:
  1. Inform us that you wish to join us here at The Crew 
  2. Send an e-mail (so that it is in writing) to your designated point of contact at your ‘soon-to-be’ previous accountants informing them of the impending change 
  3. Let us know you have done this and we will do the rest. 

‘The Rest’ I mention above will entail the following:

  1. We will write to your previous accountants asking them for professional clearance 
  2. We will conduct a full fact find on your business by requesting information from your previous accountant
  3. We will book in to have a face-to-face meeting with you at your convenience in order to finalise that fact find and agree a best way of working with you into the future.

It is honestly that simple.

Nothing more. So as you can see, moving over to us here at The Crew is fairly straightforward and we’ll handle the entire process. So if you have made the decision and believe it best for you and your business, call us or e-mail us today – we’d be delighted to manage the entire process for you.

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