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Services & Fees

Client Testimonials

We like to know what our client think about our service, so we ask them regularly. See some of their responses below:

I started AMJ Comms in 2015 - I was new to working for myself and running my own business. It has been a fantastic first year of trading - I couldn't have done it without the support of The Accounting Crew. They have been there with me every step of the way with technical guidance, practical advice and a huge dose of moral support. They are responsive and patient to my needs - and my rookie questions - and always communicate clearly and concisely - something I really value. They are 100% professional but go about their work in a friendly way that makes it enjoyable to work with them. I see The Crew as a key partner in my business - an invaluable support. They are an organisation I do - and will continue to - recommend to others. "
AMJ Comms Limited, B Jones, February 2016
As a start-up business I sought the professional advice and support of an accountant to help with the administration and financial reporting of my bridal wear business. Having been dissatisfied with the level of service that my original accountant offered me I started the process of looking for a new accountant to take over, I was advised by a fellow entrepreneur to try `The Accounting Crew´. Following our first meeting with Darryl, I was hesitant to believe all of the support `The Accounting Crew´ were offering me due to my bad first experience with accountants. But since deciding to proceed with Darryl his level of service has been great, they have kept to their word and been there when I have needed them with timely communications and professionalism. I would highly recommend Darryl and `the Crew´ to any start-up businesses and young entrepreneur."
D Basic, Dajana Basic Limited
I was delighted to transfer my accountancy needs to The Crew. A number of The Crew were known to me from my previous contracting activities. There can surely be no higher compliment than a client switching to you because of prior experience. Whenever I ask for advice I always receive a response above and beyond expectations - and my expectations are demanding. "
C Wilber, Inspirative Consultancy Limited, February 2016
After experiencing a poor first accountant I was referred to Darryl by a colleague. Upon meeting face to face and engaging in an initial, informal conversation, I instantly felt comfortable that we could form a robust relationship. The part that most interested me personally, was leveraging Darryl's wealth of knowledge and experience to guide me into making astute, educated financial decisions, to say he hasn't let me down would be an understatement. He has exceeded my initial expectations through helping me with both accounting decisions in my immediate business space, whilst also enlightening me to what I could achieve with any surplus money outside of my direct business, all for a very competitive price. Superb."
J Allen, JRA Solutions Limited, February 2016

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