We like to know what our client think about our service, so we ask them regularly. See some of their responses below:
"I have been running my limited business for almost a year now. Having been a customer of a large, well known, accountancy firm in my initial days I was astounded when I was asked to contact HMRC myself only to sit on the phone for 50 minutes and not get through. For me, this was the job of my supposedly dedicated accountant who I learned was juggling multiple clients and simply could not dedicate time to me. Then, I found the Accounting Crew. If you are starting out on a new venture, every minute of the working day counts! Large accountancy firms operate in business hours. Do you have time to spare liaising with your accountant when you should be focussing on your client? My dedicated accountant is far more than a bean counter; she understands me, my business and my financial needs. I get sound advice out of hours and a personable touch that far exceeds my expectations. I couldn't ask for anything more! "

 L McKenzie, McKenzie Consulting Services Ltd , February 2016
"I was delighted to transfer my accountancy needs to The Crew. A number of The Crew were known to me from my previous contracting activities. There can surely be no higher compliment than a client switching to you because of prior experience. Whenever I ask for advice I always receive a response above and beyond expectations - and my expectations are demanding. "

 C Wilber, Inspirative Consultancy Limited, February 2016
"As a new contractor, I relied upon recommendations for an accountant as it was a service I'd previously not utilised. I subsequently had conversations with numerous accountancy firms, but instinctively felt drawn towards The Accounting Crew due to the friendly, impartial advice and follow-up correspondence. However, when I started actively working with them I really began to appreciate their true value ... a very professional organisation who offer an extremely efficient, personalised and friendly service, in addition to exemplary support. Thank you @ The Crew!"

 M Butler, Mainstay Security Ltd, February 2016

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